Raise Awareness

Raising Awareness, that’s what it’s all about.

PFIC is rare. Our experiences and our stories are rare. PFIC Awareness Day is our chance to share and show support for our community. Every year we raise awareness both within and outside of our community, and we get noticed. Raising awareness is truly the first step in creating change. It is also the easiest thing for YOU to do on PFIC Awareness Day!

Read on to learn how YOU can raise awareness for PFIC.

Share Your Photos

We would love for you to share photos from last years Awareness Day, photos of you with your PFIC Network gear on, or photos of a PFIC patient. We will put your photo on our new photo wall or on social media if you give us permission! Submit your photo using the button below.

Share Your Story

Sharing your story can be difficult, it can feel vulnerable. However, sharing your story is one of the most powerful tools we have in raising awareness for a rare disease. People may see our community, but not understand how real PFIC is for the patients and their families. By sharing your story it creates a connection with people outside the community and draws them in. We are building a tool to help make sharing easier for PFIC Awareness Day. If you are ready now, please contact us!

Wear Your Gear

When you wear your PFIC Network gear on Awareness Day (or any time) you are not only representing the community, you are putting eyes on PFIC and people may ask you what it is or where the shirt came from. We want as many eyes as possible to see the word PFIC. We want people to ask, “What is PFIC?” We want them to know who we are, and that we are part of a strong and resilient community.

Share Our Socials

The easiest way to raise awareness is to share what the PFIC Network and PFIC Network affiliates are doing! Follow our socials and share our posts leading up to and on Awareness Day! Do you have your own thing going on? Awesome! We love to share community posts. Please let us know how we can share and support your posts! Don’t forget to use #pficawareness and #itchingforacure amongst your handles!

Follow our socials and share! Follow along with #pficawareness and #itchingforacure to get the latest updates including photos, stories, fundraisers and an Awareness Day infographic!