Awareness Day

Our second annual PFIC Awareness Day was a huge success! Thanks to your generous support, we raised $23,181.48 for PFIC! Remember, $20,000 of that was matched for a grand total of $43,181.48!!!!!!! Because of you, the PFIC Network will be able to provide all of our Education, Advocacy and Peer Support programs through 2021, and continue the important work that we have started to make these programs accessible worldwide.

Our mission to improve the lives of patients and families all over the world would not be possible without the support of our community and generous donors. We are excited to prepare for our third annual PFIC Awareness Day on October 5, 2021, and we hope that everyone can be a part of it. The larger our community of supporters, the more traction we can have in finding a cure for the many forms of PFIC.

PFIC Awareness Day was the highlight of the year for our organization. Our board of directors, volunteers and families appreciate your support in making this day a success.

As we come together as a community to support those who itch, we will plant seeds that will leave an impact for years to come. – Walter Perez, PFIC Network President

Last year, getting involved was as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Raise awareness by following our socials and sharing our story.
  2. Fundraise. If you have the means we would love your support, or you can help out by going to your friends and family.
  3. Give thanks. All of our patients and parents are truly grateful for any support we receive. So, patients and parents, give thanks to those who have supported and donated. Let them know we appreciate their support in this fight against our rare disease.

We plan to offer the same type of activities for this years PFIC Awareness Day and more! This year, along with community fundraising initiatives, we will be bringing together various ways that you can advocate and raise awareness at a local, regional and even international level!

To learn more about PFIC and the PFIC Network please visit our main siteĀ