PFIC Awareness Day 2022

PFIC Awareness Day 2022 Recap

Every year we recognize, share, and support the PFIC community in hopes for a better future for those we love!

We saw a lot of wonderful awareness initiatives for PFIC Awareness Day 2022. The community also raised and donated $22,652 this year to help us fund research and continue our patient and family programs like Project REACH and our financial assistance program.

Raising awareness and fundraising is an integral part of a successful rare disease non-profit and we cannot thank the community enough for supporting our mission.

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We raised a little under half of our goal to reach by the end of the year.

We had a very large goal going into PFIC Awareness Day this year and we did meet some challenges in raising as much money as we have in the past. That isn’t going to stop us though! Thank you to everyone who fundraised and donated for awareness day this year. You helped us take a big chunk out of our lofty goal of $50,000. We extended this goal thru the end of 2022 in hopes that we can reach it.

The largest contributor to our fundraising this year were community donors! Thank you to all who donated to support our mission.

Community Photo Wall

We also had some amazing pictures submitted from community members to create out Community Photo Wall.

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