PFIC Awareness Day

PFIC Awareness Day

October 5th

Every year we recognize, share, and support the PFIC community in hopes for a better future for those we love.

Raise Awareness
1. Raise Awareness Spread PFIC awareness in your own community Raise Awareness
2. Fundraise Get inspired, get creative and raise some money to improve the lives of PFIC patients and families worldwide! Fundraising
3. Advocate Do your part for the PFIC community, take on the challenge of advocacy. Advocacy

We are excited to prepare for our third annual PFIC Awareness Day! Last year was a huge success which means this year needs to be even bigger and better. On October 5th, 2021 we plan to work with our global community to bring awareness to our rare disease around the world. We can’t do it without your help!

“PFIC Awareness Day was the highlight of the year for our organization. Our board of directors, volunteers and families appreciate your support in making this day a success.

As we come together as a community to support those who itch, we will plant seeds that will leave an impact for years to come.” – Walter Perez, PFIC Network President