Being an advocate is defined as “A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause.” It can take on many forms and support many different causes within a cause.

Join the PFIC Patient Registry

The PFIC Self Report Registry is your chance to help speed up PFIC research. Everyone’s participation is important. The larger the PFIC Patient Registry is, the more meaningful it can be for researchers from around the world.


Send a Hospital Outreach Toolkit

Connect patients and providers with information about PFIC, the PFIC support community and available resources. Help us expand the PFIC Provider Directory by sending a hospital outreach toolkit to where it’s needed.

Become a PFIC Network Ambassador


The PFIC Network is a community of patient and parent advocates who work together to make our voice heard. We identify our own needs along with the needs of our community, and work together to develop solutions and resources. We encourage the help of other community members who are willing to bring various perspectives to our meetings and chats. Whether you become a mentor, join a committee or advisory board, or help to give feedback on programs and resources, ambassadors help us to keep our community patient centered.



Participate in Community Engagement Opportunities

There are many different ways you can take action to support the PFIC community. Whether it be sharing your experiences for the purpose of advancing science and research, raising your voice to advocate for issues that affect the PFIC community, or joining PFIC Network community involvement initiatives. Taking part in any way helps to build community and expand our footprint. Take a moment to check out current community engagement opportunities on the PFIC Community Engagement Bulletin Board.